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Say what say what...

Ehem...-steps up to the soap box to make her taller then Spork.- Obviously Ed is correct but theres one small problem. Y'see Spork has Swellyhead syndrom and it gets icky around winter time. As the doctor, Guitarist, best friend, and "One who knows everything" of Spork, I suggest that I Doctor, Guitarist, best friend, "one who knows everything" of Spork should be bowed to as second awsomest. I'm sorry to say. But I'TS TRUE. OH THE TRUTHFULLYNESS HURTS OW.

That is all.

Oh yea, you guys forgot many a thing in her interests...Add...Chloraseptic, Haunted houses, Bunnys, Taco's, Timid Raindeers named Reesie, and fried food.

Bwahahahah...I rule.
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